Monday, June 1, 2009

Make a computer turn off in 30 sec with Batch

Things you need:

1) You need access to the computer
2)you need some time (not alot, but still)

Step 1:

Open a simple text editor (i.e. notepad)
type the following:shutdown.exe -s -t 30 -c "YOUR MESSAGE HERE"
click: File>Save as
change file type to "All Files"
Name it whatever.bat
(you can name it whatever you want as long as it has ".bat")


-s turns off the computer
-f forces the computer to do the command before (i.e -s -f=forced shutdown)
-l logs off computer
-r restarts the computer
-t is the time (in seconds) untill computer executes command [shutdown only]
-c adds a comment
How this was, at least, interesting to you people!!! ENJOY!!!
Please comment/sudscride :)

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